© 2019 by Daniel Assouline.


When I was a young man, I wanted to change the world.​

When I failed at changing the world, I tried to change my nation.

When I failed at changing my nation, I tried to change my town.

And when I failed there too, I tried to change my family.

Today, I realize that the only person I could have changed is myself.

And that if I had changed myself then I could have changed my family.

And that together, perhaps, we could have changed our town, our nation and the world.

-Unknown monk

I've recently discovered a passion for design, architecture and tangible goods in general.

After many decades in the world of the virtual and the financial - I now find myself attracted to  the touch of materials, the proportions of an object or room, the lines of a drawing, the perspective they create and to the warmth and the tranquility they create.

In a modest way, I hope to create projects, products and spaces that are comely, more widely accessible to people and most importantly generate a feeling of wellness and peace.


145' catamaran explorer yacht

I am creating a very special catamaran with a specific mission in mind:  become a second home for any family, anywhere in the world...

It's a radically new way concept that will live incredibly well.   I have designed it so that I can scale this design flexibly for other yacht owners who share the same view of what sailing should be like.

private home
expo hall

A home on top of a museum?


When the site of the old Redpath home came up for sale, it was a natural for a site for the museum of fine-arts.


We built it up as such...  and created a residence on top with stunning views overlooking the city. 


We design projects not as spreadsheets but as places that people would love to live.     We start by the ground up and understanding the demographics we serve and catering excessively well to them.

We build and develop large real-estate projects for the generations to come.  Because, in the end, we hope that our children will own and care for them in the same way we enjoyed building them.

my past experiments

This is the type of project where you'd wish you'd kept the before pictures of...  (still trying to find somewhere, somehow).
The plans, the ceiling heights, the complicated layout, the darkness of the space...  all made it terribly sad and underused.    Those views had to be salvaged...

Cancun penthouse
Cancun apartment

I opened the ceilings way high... (there were 4' of empty spaces between me the roof!).   I traced straight lines throughout and opened it up for easy family living.

catamaran conversion

I wanted to build a catamaran that could easily be used in the shallow waters of Cancun.   One that would feel like a floating barge with a tent-like feel where friends could come and lounge and relax everywhere.    I created just that...  a little haven on the water...   An open barge feel, plenty of place to sit or lie-down and tan, a BBQ, a great dining room table to eat (and drink at).   It's easy to service and maintain - which is a great plus for a place like Cancun.