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We are a real-estate developer & long-term owner.

We acquire and develop large residential projects and communities with the hope to own them for generations to come.    This long-term view to our investments ensures that we are well aligned with the needs of all stakeholders (citizens, municipalities, tenants, owners, traffic, transit and so much more...).  


Like most developers, we don't exit the investment once it's built.    We intend own these assets well beyond a 30 year horizon, thereby focus on developing projects that not only live well but age well within the neighborhoods they co-exist in...   

We strongly believe that being good citizens is engaging with all of our local stakeholders, finding creative solutions to the problems or opportunities they offer and ensuring that the projects we build - will continue to be good places to call home for all of our tenants and their families.​



We believe in generosity of spaces and volumes - creating homes where our tenants will feel proud, welcomed and uplifted...  thus helping establish the foundations for their well-being.

ATLoftts - Midtown Atllanta

Architecture, out of all the arts, is the one that acts the most slowly but the most surely on the soul."

Ernest Dimmet

Our Philosophy

We build projects that we intend to own for generations to come.   It is at the core of our investment, design and operation philosophies.    


We must build projects that will stand the test of time:    projects that will continue to look timeless, well managed and maintained, well integrated within the communities they exist to enhance the neighbourhoods we live in, and sustainable to lower its operating and maintenance costs.

That means that we take more time planning and designing projects.   Working tightly with the communities and municipalities we build in so that we build projects that will look, last and live well...

Our Properties

Decarie Square

Dlign has recently acquired Decarie Square - a Montreal landmark.

Strategically located in mid-town Montreal, we plan on redeveloping this shopping centre into a project that will benefit the neighbourhood it will live in.


Equinoxe Marc Chagall

Designed exclusively for rental purposes, the inspiration for the Équinoxe Collection comes from emerging trends in the world of real estate: a demand for urban living, connectivity, wellness and lifestyle benefits.

The property has a boutique-hotel feel and incorporates design-savvy interiors, spacious apartment layouts and quality materials.

It is comprised of 183 rental units distributed over 13 floors.

The residents of Équinoxe Marc Chagall will benefit from 15 000 sq. ft. of shared space as well as a full array of rental possibilities; from charming 1 bedroom apartments complete with a den area, to spacious 2 bedroom units with a walk-in closet or 2 bathrooms, and exclusive penthouses, the Équinoxe Marc Chagall residential space has everything to meet every renters’ needs, under one roof.

Cavendish New Development

A new 700 unit residential community has started breaking ground in fall of 2019.    

Details to follow shortly.

AT Lofts

An Atlanta midtown attraction, Atlantic Station Lofts occupies a privileged location for our tenants - with a European feel with shops, restaurants, movie theatres lining the streets on which they sit.

Bonampak 77

Bonampak 77 is a 250,00 square foot commercial at the meeting of the hotel zone and downtown Cancun.


Our Focus

Since our inception in 2008, the office has been making significant investments in both the US and Canadian markets.

We acquire projects that have a strong residential component - enabling us to develop communities that are highly tailored for the markets we serve.


We are a real-estate developer.  


We acquire, develop and own large scale residential projects.
build and own large residential projects with generous volumes, spaces and amenities so that our tenants and owners - can feel welcomed and happy - for generations to come.
We build and own large residential projects with generous volumes, spaces and amenities so that our tenants and owners - can feel welcomed and happy - for generations to come.